Veggie box

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Veg Box Share

In June we started providing our first 20 delicious, seasonal, Aggie-produced veg shares. These will have at least 7 of the freshest, locally grown different items and cost £10 per week. In the first year we will be supplementing our own grown veg with bought in produce, but you can be sure it will all be as tasty and good for the planet as possible. We will also let you know what is ours and where the other veg comes from. Once we’re fully up and running we’ll be offering different sizes to cater for bigger (or hungrier!) households, but for now, one size fits all (you could always get 2 shares if you’re veg mad)!

Our aim is for people to walk or cycle to the Goonown growing field (opposite the tennis club) to pick up their veg. We would like as many people to come and pack their own boxes and pick up their own veg as possible. This way we get to know you, you get to know us and where your veg comes from and we keep the costs down. It’s also good for your health and good for the planet. What’s not to like? However, clearly this can’t happen with the current coronavirus restrictions and must remain a plan for the future. So for the time being we’re offering a delivery service for a fee of £2.50 (to cover our costs). If you live outside TR5 or TR4 8 (north of the A30) we’re not delivering to you quite yet but please register interest here and we will get in touch if we expand the delivery area.

If you are in TR5 or TR4 8 (north of the A30) and you want some of our veg, click on the button below to sign up.

£2.50 for delivery

£10 for the veg box

In the box this week:

Salad leaves (Goonown)

 Green beans (Goonown)

Fennel (Goonown)

Carrots (Goonown)

Kohl rabi (Goonown)

Cavolo nero (Goonown)

Onions (UK)